66 Galaxie Build

Follow along here as the ’66 Galaxie 500 is built after dragging it home in late 2015. Some of the early pages assumed we were going to simply fix up a few things and get it running, but over time the project went deeper and we are cleaning things up, prepping them and properly finishing them. Takes longer but better build in the long run.

12/10/2015 – The “Buy”

12/11/2015 – Cleaning up the inside

12/12/2015 – Clean Up Time – Outside

12/15/2015 – Playing and Planning – Or Not

12/21/2015 – Rear Brakes

12/28/2015 – Collecting Parts

12/29/2015 – 5.0 Tear Down and Disappointment

01/25/2016 – Out with the Old – Front end anyhow

01/30/2016 – De-Faced

03/14/2016 – Getting MooGed – Discs On – Engine Out

10/08/2016 – FINALLY Titled

02/19/2017 – Wiring Update and Review

05/20/2017 – Firewall, Heater Box Prep

09/17/2017 – Rear End Remove Process

10/21/2017 – Rear Control Arm Break Down

12/11/2018 – Boxing the Lower Control Arms

01/26/2019 – Galaxie Junk Yard Find

04/05/2019 – Prepping the Rear End Housing and LCAs

04/30/2019 – 9″ Posi Carrier Replacement

08/19/2019 – Final Mock Up and Rear Housing Prep

08/27/2019 – Test Fitting the 1974 Big Ford Gas Tank

09/02/2019 – Rear End Housing Install – Long Day for Me

04/12/2020 – Going Manual – Hydraulic Clutch Setup and Plans

01/15/2021 – Heater Update / Clutch Slave / Block and Mock

01/21/2021 – Wiring is Fun! – Says Very Few People

1966 Galaxie

1966 Galaxie 500 Father/Son Project

Follow along here as my son and I rescue yet another car, this time a 1966 Galaxie 500 Fastback car that was rusting away (well not much rust actually) in a field abandoned after some apparent attempts to bring it back to life. Below are a few pics from the beginning, click on the left links with the updates to follow the work being done.

Follow the Build Page Here

The car is a Father / Son project with both of us contributing to the cost and the labor required to rescue such a car. I’ve rescued three old cars before. The first was a $700 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe that needed freeze plugs, clutch, front nose and a lot more to get back on the road. Next was my $1500 1985 Mustang SVO that had been off the road for 10 years and needed the turbo unseized, cooling system resolved, proper SVO wheels, and much more as well. Last was a $400 1989 Ranger 4×4 that had been torn down and totally abused but was a pretty solid old truck still and I wanted a 4×4 but not a new truck payment plan.

We’re pretty sure she has been punched in the face a little bit at some point with the replacement hood and stone guard and the 1965 grill she is sporting right now. We do have a proper 1966 grill on the way and lights if we want to go that route but not bad looking as she sits really. The hood is in really bad shape and appears to have been stored outside upside down collecting water in the front area as much of it is rusted out support wise as well as sheet metal wise. Hopefully we’ll find a replacement.

The long term plan is a fun driver with some punch when it’s needed but keeping things as affordable as possible. With that in mind and some spare 5.0 engines and EFI parts left over from other projects, the plan may be a 5.0 EFI power plant and either a C4 or 4R70W automatic transmission. It also may be a carb setup, just depends on how things go. Wheel wise is still up in the air but we have some black steelies that may look tough enough with some white lettered tires and a bit of lowered stance for an old NASCAR nasty look. Time will tell as we move along through the project though.

Follow the Galaxie Forum Thread on the build here:
Galaxie Forum Build Thread

Automobiles and Projects

My ’69 Stang and Son’s ’66 Galaxie

I’ve been interested in cars from the very beginning like many little boys I guess. Always loved my Hot Wheels at a very young age and loved all things with wheels.

List of the Cars and Projects – Current and Past

1969 Mustang Coupe

Currently owned – Owned this car this 1974, my first car when I was 15 years old. Summary and pretty complete rebuild diary of the work done over the years.

1985 Mustang SVO

Currently owned – Purchased in 2009 as as broken down non runner, has been together and running since then.

Will be migrating the old site page soon to here.

1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

Currently owned – Purchased in 2007 as a junker, it’s kind of still a junker but not as junky, if that makes sense.

Will be migrating the old site page soon to here.

1989 Ford Ranger

Currently owned – Needed a 4×4 and apparently another project the Ranger came along for $400 and not running. Long term I have a 1993 Explorer 4×4 chassis, engine, and driveline that is the long term upgrade. For now it’s running and working good enough with it’s old clacking 2.9L.

Will be migrating the old site page soon to here.

1966 Ford Galaxie

The Gal in 2015 after arriving at our house.

Currently owned – My son started getting interested in another old car project while in college and we found this old Gal for $500 as a long term project for he and I. Since then he’s had a beautiful baby girl, started a new career, bought a new house for his family and the Gal lives at our house. Slow progress continues however.

1994 Mazda B4000

Before the 30″ tires, etc as Dad drove it

Currently owned – My father purchased this truck new in 1994 for a commuter vehicle and to have a pickup. He drove it as his main vehicle until his passing in 2004. The last time he took our son Austin out to buy a toy before he couldn’t drive any more was in this truck. My mother passed it on to Austin in 2017 for him to drive. He added some 30″ tires and wheels like the Ranger has on it and put quite a few miles on it. Even today however, it still only has about 95k on the odometer.

In 2019 Austin needed a bigger truck to get his family in so I bought the truck from him and will be using it for a nice driver often. Plans are to put some 2007 Mustang wheels and tires on it and lower it back down as I already have the 1989 Ranger as an off road truck.

More content coming soon.

1991 Mustang GT

Sold – Austin’s first car – sold long ago but it was a very nice FoxBody.

1995 Nissan 240SX Project

Sold – First father / son car project with Austin. One wrecked red car, one white roller ends up with one fun car in the end.

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