Drift(ish) Trike

That situation as of 2022-08-25


I ended up falling back to the standard vertical box for the rear axle mount after trying to make a different layout work. It just made things too long and too complicated for the chain routing to work

The tape measure is trying to simulate my leg position while setting based on my leg length and knee location. I’m not sure that is going to be very comfortable, so either the frame needs to be stretched more, or the foot supports need to be extended. Either will work, but it the thing gets too long it’s going to be hard to turn with the live axle and the handle bars may be a stretch to reach. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up extending that pedal crank that I cut in half and made foot rest and make them fit my leg length.

It may look like an old Big Wheel in the long run, but should be easy to get on and off of.

I’m waiting on some different wheels and tires, as these are cool and magnesium, but mounting them has been a huge problem. I’m going to use them on a remote control 4 stroke powered weed eater motor project I think. The tires don’t hold air long and would be cool on a project like that.