Galaxie 2018-12-11

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Boxing the Lower Control Arms

Although it’s been a year since an update, progress, well slow progress, has been made over the past year. The control arms have been cleaned up and prepped for boxing. Originally I wasn’t going to box them but since it was now or never I thought it was a good welding project and would look good as well.

Getting started – laying out the basic pattern
Cut and dimple die done – Simple 1/2″ dimple die and 20ton press does wonders
First side tacked in – I soon figured out I was WAY out of practice welding for sure
Both sides welded up along with upper arm – which I quickly found out I could not use.

Upper Control Arm Blues

After searching a bit, I ordered what I thought was the correct upper control arm bushings and put them on the shelf for later use. Later comes along and AFTER pushing the old bushings out AND boxing the upper arm I find the bushings I have are NOT correct and the correct ones are limited and are nearly $100.

At that point I said screw it and ordered the Spohn upper control arm that was around $120 or so. Get an easier to adjust tubular arm over $90+ for rubber bushings – seemed worth it.

So there is both lowers boxed and ready for bushings and the Spohn upper ready to go. Should work well and look good too.

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