1985 Mustang SVO

Mustang SVO Trunk

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I have always liked and wanted an SVO Mustang from back in the 1980’s when I bought my first 1986 TurboCoupe and learned about the SVO car. However they were way out of my price range and were hard to come by obviously. Interestingly sometime around 2009 I saw a set of nice SVO wheels for sale in the local craiglist listings. The guy said $75 this week or they are going to be scrapped. I didn’t HAVE an SVO Mustang then but for that price and the thought of SVO wheels being junked I thought it was worth it just to have them so I bought them.

Having the wheels on hand my interest in the SVO cars was reignited and I started searching around for what might be available. I joked with my wife that I had a set of SVO wheels, I needed a SVO car to go with them. In the spring of 2009 I ran across this car for $1500 in Wichita Falls Texas. Ironically the car was MISSING the SVO wheels so it seemed a perfect match. 🙂

After the rebuild, repair, and cleanup around 2010
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