I have always like bicycles as well I guess. From my very first one shown below to choppers, e-bikes, and more I’ve been into the wheeled wonders for most of my life. Here are a few of my projects that I’ve documented so far in life.

My first bike – yeah, a bit big but I would jump up on a patio bench and take off around the yard on that old thing. Junked it long ago BUT found another that is hanging in the shop for future build.

For some time I was interested in chopper bicycles. No clue why, just saw a home made one and realized I could cut up my old mountain bike and do the same. Built a couple and started a couple and left it at that but was fun while it lasted. I still work on bikes often and have various projects in various stages. Below is a list – the links are in the Bicycles menu area.

Old Days Pictures…

Somehow I ‘won’ this bike in a local RC Cola give away. We never knew WHO entered my name.Nobody ever ‘fessed’ up either. I could hardly reach the peddles, much less the ground.
I used the fence or a picnic bench to get started.
A few years later I moved down to the 20″ style with a nice multi-speed purple bike. Is it a huffy?, Schwinn? I have no idea and can’t remember squat.

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