’66 Galaxie Update 2021-01-15

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I obviously bounce between project to project, hobby to hobby, and wander around between other interests. Personally, I’m good with that, as I enjoy every day I have on this planet to do those things. My latest wander is back to the ’66 Galaxie.

This was partly driven by finally moving my toolbox from the garage to the shop and putting it where the engine stand was for this block, heads, etc, but also driven by the need to get the Galaxie moving along this year.

I was at the point that I needed to get something in the car to check some fitments, work out the hold location for the shifter, and finalize the hydraulic clutch setup, so an empty block and the recently cleaned up WC T5 were dropped into the car for now.

A bit more can be read here:
01/15/2021 – Heater Update / Clutch Slave / Block and Mock

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