Long long ago in another lifetime… at least it seems, I fell into making stop motion movies with Lego. They were and I guess still are called “Brickfilms” and I had a lot of fun creating them. Some did well in competitions, some have been flagged due to music copyright issues with the music and may be quite boring to watch and some where heralded by the musicians and even hosted on their website. Such if the Internet. Basically there are two types, music videos which were my favorite, and short movies. The last of the fun is some very short clips of Brock vs BrickO in Spy-vs-Spy format. Below is a long list of those videos, enjoy. Or do not enjoy – that is up to you.

Music Videos

One of my favorite types of films to make were music videos. Maybe being in the middle of the MTV revolution or something was the influence. I actually dreamed of making real music vidoes back in those days. These will have to do I guess.

Mr. Miyagi Music Video
Brickfilm (ttLester) Lego Animation

Have to say this was one of the most fun videos to make. Likely you’ve never heard of the song but it just fun to listen to.

Mr. Miyagi and Me

Fabulous Poodles Mirror Star
Brickfilm Lego Animation Music Video

A little music video based on a late 70’s song by the Fabulous Poodles.. everyone remembers them right? Ok, maybe not but this song was one of my favorites from back then. Music used by permission. In fact Tony Demur of the Fabulous Poodles said “Really enjoyed your animation for my song “Mirror Star” and so glad there’s still people out there who remember us! All the best, Tony De Meur”
I miss the Fabulous Poodles…
Tony De Meur, lead singer of the Poodle in the day says:
Really enjoyed your animation for my song “Mirror Star” and so glad there’s still people out there who remember us! All the best, Tony De Meur

Mirror Star

Toy Town People
Bascially my last Brickfilm I made, very random and sporadic but to me the song is as well. Again, thanks to Tony De Meur, aka Ronnie Golden for letting me use the song.

Toy Town People

Any Gal of Mine – The Animated Version Brickfilm Lego Animation Gino Reburto Shania Twain Music Video
A fun little parody song of Shania Twain’s Any Guy of Mine by Gino Ruberto. This video introduces an odd trio of minifigs as well.
Actually Gino liked the video enough to put it on his own song parody site found here – Scroll down a bit and you’ll see. He did ask me to use the original version so I re-mixed it into the ‘Gino Version’ which he has published on his site.

Any Gal of Mine

Anti D
A little tribute video made in about 12 hours for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest (THAC) on August 27th, 2005. Tthis little music video fit the bill for the contest for me. With 28 entries and a ‘general’ theme in the contest it’s placement is maybe questionable but it was interesting knowing many others were working on the same contest in the same time period.

Shoe Bomb – A BrickFilm
Music by Ronnie Golden

Based on a little song by Ronnie Golden – not to be taken seriously, but seriously it’s kind of funny.

Shoe Bomb

Bowling for Soup Pictures He Drew
Brickfilm Lego Animation Music Video

May not play for everyone as they blocked the music at some point but this one is a little darker than the rest.
A tribute video for the Bowling for Soup song. Maybe a little darker take on this song. It features a different character with his own demons. Was an interesting change of pace.

Bowling for Soup 1985
Brickfilm Lego Animation Music Video

A little tribute video for Bowling For Soup’s 1985 song done some time ago.

Are We There Yet?
Brickfilm Lego Animation Music Video

A short three minute flick set to the tune of big band music. the story is based on inspiration by Karen Nolen in regard to ‘the question’.

Indian Nation
Brickfilm Lego Animation Paul Revere Music Video

A tribute video to the old Indian Nation song and the Indian Nations in general.

Hair No Mo
Brickfilm Lego Animation Music Video

Heard this song… saw a bald mini-fig… thought I’d waste a few hours… This is the result. From 2004

Short Movies

Although I did enjoy making music videos, I also created a few longer “films” of the day. A couple of them fared well during competitions at the old Brickfilms site.

The Factory Fix Brickfilm Lego Animation Movie “Something is broken, and only one man can fix it.” A fun film for a High Adventure Theater (HAT) contest made over the summer of 2004. The film actually tied for 5th place with a Bluntmation clip out of 20 entries and is included on the Brickfilms High Adventure Theatre DVD distributed in late 2004.

Don’t Bug Me Brickfilm Lego Animation Movie
My entry for the Heroes and Villains contest for the Summer of 2005, Don’t Bug Me was a spin off from a joke made by ‘KarateDude’ in the Brickfilms chat about ‘educational super heroes’.
With collaboration with Rachel ‘Dewfilms’ Dew in regard to character development and use of some previous ‘villains’ I had developed for other purposes, Don’t Bug Me takes one into Brickville High for a weird little adventure. Is it a hero or is it a villain film?
Technically this film has some problems problems such a some set bumps, timing and some other fixes but hopefully the story is fun to follow albeit a bit rushed.

Brock vs BrickO

I had two characters in the Factory Fix that I liked and make a few Spy vs Spy type of shorts with them. They are here for your enjoyment… or waste of time.

Brock vs BrickO Episode #1
Brock vs BrickO Episode 2
Brock vs BrickO Episode 3
Brock vs BrickO Episode 4
Brock vs BrickO Episode 5
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