With an interest in all things with wheels, it’s not surprising I have had and continue to have various motorcycles over the ages.

Me on my ’60s Honday 50cc – rode the crap out of that poor old bike. My friends had Trail 70s or Mini 50’s but I had the big bike.

As of August 2019, I have the following motorcycle projects. Dedicated pages to the projects will be created soon.

1972 Honda CT70 Trail 70 #1

This is a full “frame off”, as they say, rebuild. This one will include rebuilt engine with new top end, new paint, custom (i.e. non restored) engine colors and likely different handle bars, etc.

1972 Honda CT70 Trail 70 #2

This bike is in very good overall original shape and the goal with it is to basically clean it up, likely rebuild the engine, and restore to a survivor state. Not planning on painting things up, etc. Just get it in mechanically good shape and keep it as a running oritinal

2003 Yamaha PW80

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