Trail 70 Restoration (CT70#2)

I picked up this old CT70 for a good deal along with another one that isn’t in such good shape. This one looked so complete I thought it was worth having.

It’s a 1972 K1 three speed with a really custom exhaust header using some nice plumbing pipe. No carb, no intake and I figured it was locked up just like the other but no kick starter to test it with.

Finally in October 2020, I put the little CT70 up on the bench to see if I could get it to fire off. I had always thought this one was fully locked up as well like the other, but never stuck a kick starter on it to test. Finally put a kick on it and was pleasantly surprised to see how free it turned over. What was “locking it up” from rolling was the rusted up chain apparently.

Pulled the chain, cleaned and readjusted the points and it had fire, but very weak fire. Ordered some points and condenser, pulled the flywheel and replacement them (pic above) and then had wonderful spark. Put a temp intake on it, good carb and it fired up rather easily!

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