CT90 Rebuild Project

Update 2020-11-06 – The Project Deepens

Update 2020-11-19 – Fork You – Lipstick on a pig?

Picked this old guy up for $100. He is rough, but rolls, dirty but turns over, and had that butt ugly seat on it when I first got it. Hoping it will possibly run once I get fire back to it.

I’ve already purchased a new proper seat pan and have removed the CB Honda seat. Engine is free and it has “some” compression. Plan on doing a wet compression test, checking points and getting fire and going from there.

Not sure if it will be a run as it is setup, clean it up, or full custom build yet.

As one can see, the rear fender is quite rusted out so it may end up as a custom bobber type build in the long run.

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