1986 Mustang Convertible

I have always liked the four eye fox body Mustangs, and have never owned a convertible car, so when this little yellow car came up in a discussion with a fellow Ford enthusiast on June 24th, 2023 and the price was $750 I was pretty interested. The seller was an honest guy with a killer coyote powered 1970 Mustang fastback, so after personally checking the car out on July 4th the deal was done. He even delivered it to my driveway for that price.

July 4th after pushing/pulling it into the driveway and before any work.

What I liked about the car was it was all there including interior and had an OK condition top and the paint was faded, but no major dents or damage. Although I wished it was a runner, the V6 was locked up. However, I already had pretty much everything besides some brackets to convert to a 5.0 car, so that was the plan from nearly day one.

07/28/2023 Update

So far to date the following has been completed on the car;

  1. Pulled door panels and seats
  2. Rebuilt door map pockets with new boards and elastic, used old material
  3. Cleaned and vacuumed carpet and seats
  4. Spray dyed one seat as a test
  5. Cleaned out the trunk and put it all back together
    1. It was nice that the trunk coverings were all there – looks original
  6. Figured out it needs new top cylinders
  7. Cleaned out the air ducts of mud daubers and mice nests
  8. Pulled the steering wheel and cleaned it and wrapped in black leather
  9. Pulled the console and fully refurbished it with new paint, etc
  10. Pulled and painted the mirrors
  11. Order a lot of parts or purchased used stuff for 5.0 swap and updates

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