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9″ Posi Carrier Replacement

What I originally thought was a great deal on a “rebuilt” 5.0 engine, 3.55 9″ posi center section, along with some other performance parts, has turned out to be quite the bust. First the “rebuilt” engine was purely junk, just a used engine with new bearings installed, new flat tappet cam in a roller block, and ONE forged piston. Seller obviously would never return my calls or texts. One of those I shouldn’t have trusted him and validated myself but live and learn… and learn… and learn.

Well at least the 9″ was usable right? Um not really. Upon closer inspection from a friend that is a 9″ expert, the pinion support area was cracked. Would it live? Likely but why take the risk.

Crack is obvious here – after removing the gear set.
Before the actual swap – the left housing is a standard 9″ single web but plenty for this car for now.
Right is the cracked housing with the 3.55 and posi center.

So the decision was to swap the gear set, which appeared in good shape, over to the other center section. Lewis Haddock helped me through this process has narrowed hundreds or housing for people and knows the setup process. I followed along and learned what I could.

After the swap – should be good enough for what is being done with this car – hopefully at least

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