Dalekoid – Not a Robot

November 2016


Ok, this is not a robot. It doesn’t move, talk, sing, listen, burn down houses or other robotic things. It does look kind of cool and flashes menacingly at you with it’s multi color flashing, dancing LED. Scary enough isn’t it? This is just a little side project to play with.

The Build

After having a few issues on my old Prusa 2 3D printer, I finally tracked things down to loosening power connectors. Needing an excuse to print something a little taller and a little more complicated, I thought I’d give this a try. I did modify the model a bit. I loaded it up in TinkerCAD and created a hole in the middle up to where it thinned out around just below the head. That allows the internal LED to slightly shine through for the effect. That did create a print hickup at the transition but close enough for Dalek work.

Details Details

Otherwise there is just a little gold and black paint to make it look prettier and then a simple flashy LED thing for the lighting. I found these LEDs on ebay a long time ago and they are fun for certain things. When they are powered up then start out dimming, flashing and changing colors as they go eventually cycling over and over. Nice when you want an effect but don’t want to have to drive it with something. I’ve used them on some other projects as well.

After that it’s just a 3.7v battery and a switch. I did add a connector so I can charge the battery back up after it runs down from one of my quad rotor chargers. I like the effect of the internal flashing stuff myself. Cool enough for super simple construction.

The Model

Just in case anyone wants to mess with it. Dalek model from here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44728 My hollowed out version: Dalek Hollow stl

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