2002 Mobile Access

Wireless Home Automation Access

With the new Wireless Internet Phones on the market in 2002 and the standardization of the Wireless Markup Language (WML)… and my recent purchase of a Samsung SCH-8500 phone with this service… I just couldn’t resist looking at hooking the phone to our Online House.

What made it easier is the free UP.SDK available from Phone.com which provides samples and a free emulator from which these captures are from. Behinds the scenes on the HA web server, Active Server Scripts (ASP) serves up the WML language and interacts with WinEVM toprovide the visuals and controls. Current it is pure text based BUT the phone and the language has graphical abilities.

I have used the same basic structure as the Online House current has to keep things simple. The sample at the right is what the lights area current looks like. You move to lights and have a view or refresh option. The refresh option forces the HA system to review what lights are on or off and update the status file. The View item provides visual indicators of the current lighting as well as the ability to control lights with the phone. If you click OK on the light that is selected, it will pass a toggle command off to the web server which will then control the light. Since the WML code is generated by the ASP pages, I have the flexibility to have dymanic WML abilities.
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