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Jack of All Trades – Master of None

Pretty much sums up my life and I have no apologies about it. I’ve enjoyed many different hobbies, have become good enough at most, and hope to keep on keeping on for some more years or decades before I’m done.

Here you’ll find information from 1/24 scale plastic models to full scale cars being built. From old bicycles to old bicycles with 1 kilo watt of electric power. From simple electronics to a smart home that has been “Online since 1999” – long before many were thinking of ‘connected’ homes.

I have built many little robots, big RC mowers, have a couple Trail 70’s being restored or rebuilt. I have a smart home that knows when I’m here, can listen in different apps and handle things when where are not here.

I have way too many 3D printers that have all been built, designed, or modified by myself, and even some old time stop motion animated “brickfilms” for you to enjoy.

Poke around – you’ll find many different directions, unfinished projects, and a mess of other ideas floating around here.

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