GoMo 2006-11-19

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Starts – Runs – Needs Tweaking

Rolled the thing out today and fired it up. I have been working on shift linkage and electrical items. The front pipes still have to be cut off and a cross bumper fabricated and installed.
I still have some clutch issues to work out. Getting things set so the new belt will fully disengage has been a problem. The belt is pretty sticky and wants to keep gripping even with the clutch pedal depressed.
I also have to decide on what to do with the rear section. It either has to be connected solid to the front roll bar or some type of suspension using motorcycle shocks to help support the weight.

After getting it fired and working out some bugs we blew it apart for painting and prepping. Amazingly it sat there for a year before taking the project back up and completed it.

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