GoMo 2006-10-02

Roll Bar basics, Linked up Linkage, and Rack and Pinion

The rack and pinion arrived from an ebay purchase. Not bad it seems for $34.95. The width is just about perfect for the width of the kart.
Here the rack and pinion is laid out with the heim joints for the ends. With double heims there should be enough movement for full lock to lock steering.
The bent pipe for the main roll bar hoop and the top bars before installation.
Seat mounting is taken care of by a couple 1 1/8″ cross bars. They drop a bit to keep the driver a little lower and look better. The mount shown is the standard riding lawnmower plate and allows about 6″ of front to back seat adjustment for different size drivers.
Work pic – Austin and Dad fitting one of the top bars in place to tack weld.
Details of the clutch transfer linkage. Originally this was going to be run on the bottom with a push/pull setup. Austin noted that it would be easily damaged and saw we could mount the clutch pedal on the outside of the frame rail and run the linkage on top without getting in the way of the seat. This will work better linking back to the clutch bar as well.
Pedal layout shown. The brake pedal in the middle will pull a lever that will push the small disc brake on the transmission. The pipe shown will loop around to mount the rack and pinion below the sheet metal.
Low shot of the progress so far.