Stang 2006-08-13

Roller Clutch Bearing, Brake/Clutch Rebuilt

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Roller bearings and Proportioning valve arrived. I bought the Summit valve, removed the “Summit” stick and now have a Wilwood valve.. and saved $6.00.

You have to remove the existing bushings to install the roller bearings. Very easy with the pedal assembly out. Just cut off the smashed out area from the factory and the bushing pops out.

Bearing race goes in with a spring washer, outside washer goes on and a C-Clamp holds it together. I had to grind the big washer just slightly on this side to get it to fit.

Pedal and booster assembled to check fit brake connection and pedal height.

Here you can see the Heim joint for the future hydraulic clutch and my homemade neutral start switch. This will drive a small relay that will act require the clutch to be pushed in to hit the starter. Since I am going with a 5 speed I thought this would be the best solution similar to a factory setup.

Pedal assembly temporarily in the car. Seems nothing is ever final yet. I still have to drill the hole to mount the hydraulic clutch master cylinder and work out the final clutch pedal connection before this can be bolted in for good.

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