Stang 2006-06-21

Welding Up Holes – And Rocket Man

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Been welding up holes that won’t be used. Can’t really tell in this pic but all the holes are filled in this area that is not going to be used even though they do not look like it here. After getting the front media blasted I will be skimming the aprons with body filler to smooth it all out

Received the Roller Perch tubes and bearings from Daze Cars. Fitted the perches by grinding out enough to get the tubes to fit in. Just need to weld them up, re-hone and fit them. I plan on doing the dimpling on the shaft for the bearings but think I will also add some piping inside to keep the bearings from moving in any further. Looks like a one inch pipe will fit over the shaft without issues. I will likely dab some silicone inside the tube to keep it from rattling

Rocket Man Story

Tonight I was welding up holes in the engine bay and modifying the ill fitting EFI export brace. As usual I always double check things around the area to make sure I haven’t left a plastic gas can or other combustible around where I’m welding. Learned the hard way after setting a bag of recycle plastic afire across the garage once.

Anyhow, welded up the brace on one side and was grinding down the weld when I heard a pop and a woosh. WTF? Looked over and I see this flame spraying at from the shelf above my work bench about five or six feet away.

Took a second or two but I realized what it was and moved back out of the way just about the time it popped again this time shooting towards me.

Seems I had left an Estes rocket laying on the shelf with an engine in it facing towards the car. We were going to launch it but it’s been way too windy around here. Apparently a spark from the grinder managed to make it’s way into the tiny hole in the motor and ignited it letting it run it’s course shooting the engine out when the final report fired.

Just call me Rocket Man I guess… lol

Can’t ever be too safe….

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