Stang 2006-03-05

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Work on getting the sub frame connectors installed. Messing with EFI that I never actually used below.

The Global West sub frame connectors are installed. Just a bit of finished welding and paint to finalize.  This is the driver’s side view.
This is the passenger side view from the top. I ended up moving them back as far as possible 
which seemed to be the best solution.
Not the best shot but this shows how tight I have them up  against the floor pan. I did not want them hanging down very much so  I did push up the pan area some. Worse case I’ll make the pans fit and will likely spot drill the pans and plug weld them to the top of the sub  frame connectors to avoid rattles and strengthen things up
I did end up with an 1986-1993 EFI setup and will likely use  this to start with instead of the 94-95 intake since it uses a more common throttle body and later replacements with a performance intake will not require other changes.

Here’s a mock up to date with old parts laying around. Still no TFI distributor so I have used the one from the last motor for now.

Nice thing about this intake is it clears the Cobra covers that I would like to use by swapping sides and putting the filler on the passenger side.

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