Stang 2006-01-02

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Edit: I did NOT use these floor pans – They were such crappy quality, fit and stampings I later ditched them for full floor versions.

Finally spent some more time on the car. I still need to purchase Subframe connectors but decided to fit the existing floor pans instead of buying new ones. Since the inner rocker, tunnel and toe boards were all in good shape the replacement should be pretty easy. You can see how long I’ve had the new pans, they are already starting to surface rust. I’ll be using some rust remover on them and the remaining floor and then prime with weld through primer before the final install.

I marked the outlines of the front sub frame, tranny mount tunnel and the overlapped areas with a permanent marker. I then drilled 1/8″ holes for plug welding the pans. I will use some metal screws to hold the pan down tight in all areas and plug weld the rest of the holes and then remove each screw and plug weld them up in the end. I will likely then seam weld the rest of the pan edges where the sheet metal overlaps and then use seam sealer top and bottom to seal it all up.

View through the rear window. I will be getting the rear pans in as well. I originally was not going to replace them but decided to after all after finding some more rust.
Driver side pan test fitted
Passenger side pan test fitted
Pans final fit, primered, and seams sealed. I will not weld them up until the sub frame connectors go in however.

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