Stang 2005-10-01

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Passenger side pulled. This is the side that has seen the most abuse since the car was crunched on this side in the early 1970’s. I can see some brazing where the sheet metal was repaired.

Drivers side pulled. This side isn’t as problematic as the passenger side but the yellow markings are somewhat confusing. I first suspected it was markings from a salvage yard but it really doesn’t look like that part has been replaced.
(FYI – the blue painted holes are the ones I plan on filling)

Drivers side shock tower from the wheel side. This tower hasn’t had much work. There is a small weld on the front (left in the pic) side of the tower that I now remember my father welding up with a little solid ox unit ages ago when I was in my teens. Amazing for the tools he had available, it never cracked any further.

Drivers side from engine bay. Looks pretty good to me. I still plan on installing a shock tower repair kit since I do not want to be back in this thing during my lifetime… maybe the next one.. 🙂

Passenger side shock tower.. pretty mangled. I have started grinding down the massive welds from years ago and will likely have more before I can install the shock tower repair kit.

Drivers side from the wheel view. Lots of welds on this side as well. The good thing is nothing seems to have continued cracking but there is lots of clean up work to do. Also the top A-Arm mount holes are oblong. Maybe from having been run loose? It is not a big issue since I’ll be moving the mounting point down per the standard Shelby mod and not using the holes but it makes one wonder.

Passenger side fender mount area. Notice the standard rust in the seam location. This is standard from what I hear but looks like a pain to fix. The other seams are just starting to bubble so looks like they need a fix as well.

Unless I am missing something, the cowl area looks pretty good. No major rust up here. There are some problems with the vents inside which is pretty standard as well I guess.