Stang 2006-06-06

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Edit: I did not use the EFI export, was just too nasty for me and didn’t go EFI so used standard braces

Cleaned up the 70+ spindles and disc brake mounts. Will be painting black and readying for mounting
I purchased the ‘EFI Export Brace” from Laurel Mountain. Unfortunately I am not impressed. The unit was just dumped in the box, no packing, etc, the firewall to tower tubes are visibly different lengths and the angles on the shock mounts are really odd as compared to the chrome brace I had.
Not liking what the brace looked like of fit I cut it apart and will be putting it back together the way I want it to be. Will also be replacing the firewall mount with a standard angle steel bracket that will line up properly.. just don’t spend the money on one.
Once blasted, one not. I am reusing the upper A Arms since they were in really good shape. I’m still thinking of adding a few braces/reinforcements before painting them.

EDIT: I WAS going to reuse the arms but found one was “twisted’ – I have since purchase new blank arms to use.
The beginning of a roller perch. After reading about Opentracker’s plan and finding the journals and bearings from Daze for $38 I decided to build my own roller perches. Everyone says getting the existing cross shaft out of the rubber bushing is the hardest part.. I just burned it out from a propane torch in about 5 minutes… <shrugs>
MOOG front suspension parts. I looked at many different kits from various Mustang houses but decided to just get true MOOG/TRW parts on the local Oreily’s Auto. They actually had the upper arm shaft kits in stock, The rest was available the next day
Another straight on shot of the re-enforcement kit. The BIG HAMMER on the left helps things line up.
Driver’s side of reinforcement kit is done. The process went pretty easy it seems. Need to clean up welds and paint.

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