1969 Stang Currently

The car isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for me. Still needs paint but besides the front fenders and hood, that was crappily repainted after a lady pulled out in front of me in 1977, the rest is not bad for 40+ year old job.

Still some other things I want to do to the car that includes getting the dealer add no AC system working, readjust the windows so they work properly, and finalize all the door seals. But otherwise it “runs and drives” as they say. Actually it runs pretty good 🙂

The car’s first outing in June 2015 at the 30th annual Knights Auto Club show.
I was there in the beginning of the very first Knights show and this was a goal to get the car back to the 30th show… goal accomplished!
How the Stang looks like in August of 2019 – Still needs paint someday… or maybe not
Front view – Looking at you
Interior is complete minus dealer add on AC to install yet.
Found a great deal on the console, front seats are Foxbody seats recovered by myself
Can’t see it here but in the dash are mechanical oil pressure and water temp gauges
Also put my nostalgic tach in the dash as well.
Rear seat is all original still – no recover. I did buy the Foxbody rear seat cover for a someday project.
I cut a piece of light plywood to fill the package tray and covered it in matching vinyl to match.
Rear quarter – not perfect but not caring about perfect
Underneath – Drive shaft was out for the moment. Stainless gas tank, narrower 9″, flowmaster exhaust, Global west sub frames.
Blurry pic but can see the fuel pump and fuel line routing.