Ranger 2019-09-07

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Fixing a Fuel Issue

Due to the noisy 2.9L and my lack of motivation to work on the 4.0 swap, the Ranger doesn’t get driven much – not enough for sure. Most recently I went to start it up like I do at least once a month just to keep it alive, I had crank but no start. Finally ran the battery down with no start. I noticed I didn’t think I heard the fuel pump run on key on and testing that seemed to be true. Checked the fuel and yep, no pressure.

After a few key cycles I thought I heard the pump run and she started. I drove it around the block to keep it alive and parked it in the main driveway behind the ’69 Mustang garage side. Next day I wanted to get the ’69 out so I need to move the Ranger and once again – no start. To make it easy I just rolled the Ranger out of the main drive and down into our other lot and took the ’69 out.

I came back a couple days later and still no start, no fuel pressure so I figured it’s time to get to the pump. The first time I pulled this apart back in 2011 I pulled the tank from the bottom. Since then I’ve heard it’s just easier to pull the bed so there we are, bed-less. Only broke one bolt taking it off, which actually surprised me. Had to order new bed bolts, along with a new pump and pickup (figured it’s just easier that way).

Definitely a bit dirty under the bed so a full power wash, rust treatment and painting or undercoating is worth while since it’s this far down. Overall the frame and the shackles look pretty good, especially considering all the dirt and muck that was underneath this thing when I first got it. Power washing underneath cleaned most of that up but still plenty of dirt to clean up.

I am pretty sure I put a NEW pump assembly in this thing back in 2011 but looking at the old one I’m not so sure. It’s a mess. Varnish build up, rust, and the rubber line between the pump and outlet is just a mush of rubber and useless. If the pump was actually running there is no way it could have been making much pressure. Personally I think this is from the E15 gas I have run in it sometimes and sitting without getting any miles and fresh gas in it. Big mess.

Next step is the paint / undercoat it all, install new bed nuts and get the bed back on it. I do need to fix the rear end housing hose that is broken and drill a couple holes for the trailer hitch as well.

Still need that 4.0 swap to get done though…

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