SVO 2009-08016

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Work Done Over Summer 2009

I really didn’t keep a good log of the work done on the car over the summer of 2009 but the following was completed:

  • Freed up the Turbocharger with lots of cleaner and lube in the bearing race
  • Pulled the valve cover, blasted and re-painted with wrinkle paint
  • Pulled upper and lower intake, media blasted. Painted injector rail and regulator
  • Replacement injector harness – old one ate by rats
  • New timing belt
  • Replacement alternator
  • Pulled all pulleys, blasted and painted
  • Silver coated “E6” exhaust manifold and turbo outlet, old unit cracked
  • Repainted Intercooler
  • Pulled, cleaned, checked VAM
  • Blasted and painted air cleaner housing
  • Cleaned and painted passenger side of engine bay
  • Replacement radiator and hoses
  • Replacement heater hard lines from THESVOTRUST
  • Stainless oil cooler to heater core line
  • New cooling fan motor – old one is frozen up
  • New water pump and thermostat housing
  • New Injector O ring kit
  • and more….

Pics of Condition and Updates

Steering wheel pad is in good shape but wheel leather is damaged on top

Fuzzy dash pieces were in bad shape and I bought another somewhat nicer set, still not perfect though.

Interior was a little rough but some cleaning and repainting of the gray made a big difference. Still needs new upholstery but overall not in bad shape for the age and use.

I picked up a bi-wing from the SVO Forum, pricey but required and was in good enough shape.

Inside the valve cover really looked good to me, no major sludge build up.

Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to change out the valve seals when it was down this far so more work to do someday.

Valve Cover Re-Paint – Turned out quite acceptable to me – From This:

Good to have this back on the car… Still have to clean up the engine bay and engine and respray things here.

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