SVO 2009-03-22

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New Home Sweet Home

With the trip home safely under my belt I unloaded the car next to the house and had a better look. On this car the steelies just look wrong but it still rolled around which was what mattered to me.

Below you can see the damage to the front of the rear wheel opening that will be a bit of a pain to fix someday.

The butt isn’t much better looking with the faded rear bumper and the cracked up tail lenses but with new in the box lens in the car I wasn’t too worried about it. The Bi-wing is missing as well so that will have to be sourced. If I remember correctly the PO said he was going to part it out and sold the wing first and then decided to just sell the whole car.

I couldn’t help but try to get some idea of what it might look like with the SVO wheels on it so I mocked one up just to see. Looks like a real SVO there.

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