Galaxie 2017-09-17

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Rear End Removal Process

What was going to be a simple rear brake update, has turned into a much bigger project. Originally we were just going to replace the brake shoes, turn the drums and put it back together. However, having picked up a cheap 3.55 posi 9″ pumpkin, I decided to pull the rear housing and replace the bushings, etc while replacing the center section. So now the car sits like this.

Below is what it looked like before I pulled out the housing – remember this one, hope to have an after pic to show when it goes back together.

I am hoping to move forward with the clean up and restore to get it back on the ground quickly but time and energy may slow things down. I couldn’t get the lower control arms bolts to come out of the arm to housing and will have to address that issue.

After struggling with a saws all for way too long, this is the result. The bolt is rusted solidly to the bushing center and would NOT come out so I had to cut the bolt. Looking back I would now use a port a band band saw instead of the saws all. I think that would have been much easier.

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