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Lego Battle Bots

Last Update: 08/21/01

"Lego BattleBots" is just a little side bar in my robotics hobby but still a lot of fun is something my 5 year old and I dreamed up while working with out Lego Mindstorms robot kit. I'm sure others have done the same/similar over the past couple of years but here is what we've done to date.

robotbooks.jpg (1783 bytes)Although Lego Mindstorms are a lot of fun and a good learning tool for myself and my son, we had been watching so much BattleBots on TV that it gave us BattleBot fever. However since it was the middle of winter and I'm still not too great at building real bots anyhow, we thought we should make a couple battle bots out of Legos. With the optional remote control in hand, the RCX brick and a couple of the Lego motors I put together a couple of non-steerable pusher bots to play with. Maybe this is more along the lines of "Lego Sumo" or something but we prefer the Lego BattleBots theme.

So here a few pics and comments of our Lego BattleBots...
All pics are thumbnails. Click on them for a large view 

LegoBattleBot #1

I built the base chassis for both bots starting with pulley drives on both. Then we each modified this base unit to build our own custom robot. Austin wanted to put 'claws' on his and so he added the yellow arms. I originally built a 'pusher' version with a flat bar up front but after getting pushed out of the ring many, many times by Austin's 'Claws' I put claws on mine too :-).

Lego1.jpg (94247 bytes)
LegoBattleBot #2

This is the other bot. This one now uses a gear drive to compare the differences between each type. Surprisingly bot are geared about the same and both can push the other out of the ring depending on the circumstances.

lego3.jpg (84659 bytes)
A Battle

This is the two bots facing off each other. Since there is not steering with a single motor, big tired robot, we face them at each other just outside the ring or behind the green bars and with both our hands on the remote control we move forward and/or backward as required. It's amazing how much fun it can be even without steering the robots around.

lego2.jpg (91910 bytes)
The Battle Continues

This is the same battle after some struggling. Usually one bot of the other will get under or over the other's bumper (or claws) and then things get better or worse... :-)

Starting Position

This is one starting position we use. Note this is the poster that came with the Mindstorms kit and makes for a fine 'ring'. Might be better if we'd iron out the wrinkles (literally) but it's still makes a nice arena.

lego0.jpg (75202 bytes)

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