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Stephen W. Nolen's
Computer Systems Description
Last Update 05/16/01

The following is a complete description of my existing computer systems and their usages. These systems have been collected over the years and improved upon as needed. As you might guess, with my Home Automation system and intrusion detection setup, they are safe guarded against those who would be tempted to make an unannounced visit.

Primary Personal System
NEC 450Mhz PII Updated 10/18/2000

This system is used for all my normal PC uses. I.E. programming, online bill paying, hacking, and game playing; Quake, QuakeWorld, Doom, DoomII, ROTT, Descent I/II, IndyCar I/II, Nascar I/II, Terminal Velocity, Flight Simulator, etc, etc.

NT Server/HA Controller

Homebuilt P233Mhz System

Converted this old personal system to NT Server to allow domain control, better web server, and a test be for Windows 2000. Current controls domain Protowrxs.com inside the firewall. Also provides MP3 Shoutcast services for ambient local sound. This system hooks to the JDS TC+ as well and provides the interfacing between the house web site and the TC+

Playroom System

This system is the playroom system where my son uses it for learning and playing. The MS steering wheel makes the driving games a lot of fun for all.

Garage System

This system is used in the garage to manage inventory of some of the electronic parts and chips. It sits on the end of the coax network and provides HA control and Internet access through the web browser. 

IPRoute System

This system is used to provide Internet access to the other networked computers. By using IPRoute, any PC connected to the network running TCP/IP has access to the Internet and it's features. IPRoute handles the ethernet to ethernet routing  It hooks to the Cable Modem on one side and the local net on the other and provides firewall controls for inbound data. Only the specific ports are opened to allow the inbound activities desired.

Cable Modem Connection

In January 2001 I retired the existing 128Kb ISDN circuit in favor of Cable Modem access which became available at that time. Cable access is limited to 500-800kb but is half the price to boot.

Copyright 1995-1998 - ProtoWrxs and Stephen W. Nolen

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