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Welcome to Just a few links and some information about our Online Home, Robotics hobby, Car hobby and others can be found here. Sometimes I blog at but not often.

Home Automation

The Nolen Home has been online, live and connected since 1999. The connections have changed from full time analog dialup, to ISDN to cable modem but the house has continued to be online one way or another all this time with public access to many areas. In the last couple years a mobile / iPhone interface is what is used the most even while home to handle things like open/closing the garage door, cleaning drying speech notifications, checking the local power, weather, turning on the coffee pot from bed by setting "morning mode", etc. A full description can be found at and the online home is at



An On Again / Off Again hobby of mine is Personal Robotics. I've dabbled with it on and off over the past 12-15 years with the most recent interest in late 2012. There are a few of my builds on my personal robot site here There is some convergence with the robots and the Home Automation system with BoxHead having the ability to control some things around the house via voice commands as well.

For some cool hobby robotic sites check out and!

3D Printing

I built my first 3D printer in 2013 and it is still kicking around filament. Some call 3D printers robots that make things and in actuallity they are. Some run the same based Arduino controller board as our robots do. But the fun of being able to take a 3D part designed by someone you know in France and have that part in your hand within an hour or so is stll cool. Read more about my 3D printing experiences in the 3D Printing area.

Cars Cars Cars...

Yet another interested of my is cars... specifically Ford cars from the 1960's on and especially especially Mustangs. Most of the "rescued cars" are located here under "Rescued Cars" including my 1985 SVO Mustang, 1988 Turbocoupe, my old 1989 Ranger 4x4, and my Son's 1995 Nissan 240sx - ALL of which were "rescue" cars brought back from the dead. There is information about my continously delayed and sorely needed to work on 1969 Mustang there as well.

And More

There are more hobbies as well - one was Restoring and Building Bicycles for a while which was fun while it lasted.
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