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The Pics Page

HA PC System
Provides programming, speech, Web server, logging, and other options within the system. Also shown is the local TP/BNC hub, the Pipeline ISDN router, and the networked laser printer.

HAPCSys.jpg (50299 bytes)
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TCSystem1.jpg (80230 bytes)
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Wiring Closet
Here's the ugly part of the system but truely the brains and brawn behind it all. The closet contains the TC+, Telephone Transponder, modem, 5/12v power supply, OFA6 IR connected to the TC+ and the Fire/Burglar alarm system.

Here's one of the keypads mounted under the kitchen cabinet. The switch on the left controls a light and the disposal and hasn't been automated yet. Note that the small undercounter TV is applicance module controlled and comes on with the Entertainment system.

kitchenControl2.jpg (12338 bytes)

Cordless keyboard
OFA 8 Remote
X10 Handheld Remote
Used for Primary Code Control

Here's the PowerMid Output...
It shoots across the room
to the Audio/Video system
Another sits in a bookshelf to
help keep a person from blocking signal

Cordless keyboard receiver in center
X10 IR receiver at left
and 'mode' control panel at right
btw Austin is watching a animated song
on the Entertainment PC here

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