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Stephen Wayne Nolen
Robotics Hobby

Last Update: 11/16/16

LTBot2 - New! LTBot "GB" ProtoBot RobotBooks.com RobotRebels.org

It seems I've always had an interest in Robotics. In the early 80's I bought several plans for robots, collected some stepper motors, gears, and other parts but never had completed a 'bot by the early 2000's. After nearly a 10 year hiatus from really building anything and hooking up with LetsMakeRobots.com, the interest flourished and over late 2012 and 2013 I build a handful of mostly useless, but quite enjoyable little creations.

I since moved away from the BX24 and on to the Arduino for CPU power concentrating especially on the ProMini 328 clones which has very similar pin outs as the BX24 and is about 1/10 the price, making for the ability to build more bots! As with most of my hobbies, it's quantity over quality, but that's how I live I guess.

What's New:

White Legged Monkey Spider Hexapod
3 Servo Walker

Having checked out a few 3 servo hexapods here on LetsMakeRobots.com, especially StaffY's Tarantula build (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35415), I wanted to give it a go. I've never messed with a walker of any type before, but love the mega servo count walkers roaming around here, so I figured starting as simple as possible was best.



Version 2 of the LTBot below and only 10 years later this one is up and running. Problems with driving motors and driving any motivation shut this thing down for a long time. After a revived interested and trying to run a netbook on the GB base below, this platform proved it could handle it much better. I still may throw a micro controller on GB someday but that is way off. Read more about this active LTBot2 Project Here.
LTBot2 Front Face


2002 - Finally actually beginning to come together, the LTBot will hopefully track the development of this particular hobby robot. It will be a BX24 low level / Laptop drive high level semi-autonomous robot that will roam around our living room at will... Hopefully.

91888 bytes - Mock up of LTBot


08/2012 - Surprisingly this little platform is back on my hobby list. Looking at using a basic Netbook, additional front camera, servo controller and the old relay based motor controller board to make a little web accessible remote control platform. More on the main GB page.

11/2002 - This thing is currently just setting in the junk pile waiting for more ambition from me.

02/20/2001 - Playing around here again - Added a couple pics
This one I call "GB" for short which stands for "Gear Box". Basically the robot is toy gearbox with wheels and a brain. The gear box IS rather interesting... it is a dual motored unit with a magetic coupler that allows the platform to run straight forward if both motors are running. If only one motor is running, the magnets will unlock allowing the unit to turn like a normal two motored robot.

More GB Information

ProtoBot v2

11/2002 - Again this is put to rest due to servo issues and interest in the other robot projects I have going on.
2/20/2001 - Starting working on this again
2/22/99 - Renamed from ProBot
ProtoBot is a scratch built robot using RC servos for drive. The chassis is I'm scratch building the chassis and will again use the BOTBoard 68HC11 for brains. Unlike many small 'bots I've seen, I will be using nice big squishy radio control truck tires for the main drive. The tires have a standard tractor tire tread and will hopefully provide some suspension effects avoiding the bouncy and jarring ride most small robots seem to have. Also I hope it will better equip the robot to travel on carpet, dirt, gravel and grass.

More ProtoBot Information

990222-09.JPG (64634 bytes)


11/2002 - Updated, base has BX24 installed and is roaming around by itself at this point.

Just another project. We ended up with two RAD 2.0's after Christmas 2000 and I couldn't resist hacking into one. The basic project covers using a desktop/laptop for remote control and an RF data link back for telemetry and sensor data.

More RADHack Information 

RADs.jpg (158794 bytes)
The Two RADs
One to Be Hacked

Lego BattleBots

Just a side track on the main hobby but still a lot of fun. My 5 Year son and I have played with our Lego Mindstorms and come up with our own BattleBots.

More Lego BattleBots Information

Lego1.jpg (94247 bytes)

Other Critters

  • PC Based Bot
    11/2002 - See LTBot for development of this
  • 03/06/99 - Current have parts in hand using the FerretTronics FT639 Servo Controller and FT629 Switch Input chips. Both these chips use 2400 baud RS232 for talking and can be easily integrated into a PC controller. The FT639 will drive up to five (5) servos and the FT629 will provide five (5) digital inputs. Each is a tiny 8 pin dip.
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