Stephen Nolen / ProtoWrxs Robotics

It seems I've always had an interest in Robotics...

In the early 80's, that's 1980's NOT 1880's if you were wondering, I bought several plans for robots, collected some stepper motors, gears, and other parts but never had completed a 'bot by the early 2000's.

After nearly a 10 year hiatus from really building anything I found the LetsMakeRobots website and the interest flourished and over late 2012 and 2013 I build a handful of mostly useless, but quite enjoyable little creations.

Unfortuately around 2015 the LetsMakeRobots site was bought out and the core builders who provided most of the content were quite unhappy with the pushy new management so most of my old friends moved on.

Fortuately most can still be found at the site of the sites and although quantity of builds may not be the same, the people are my online friends and I still drop in every now and then.

Once I discovered the Arduino MPU I moved away from the BX24 and on to the Arduino for CPU power concentrating especially on the ProMini 328 clones which has very similar pin outs as the BX24 and is about 1/10 the price.

This made for the ability to build MORE bots, but not necessarily better bots :-)

As with most of my hobbies, it's quantity over quality, but that's how I live I guess.

Inside here you'll find most of my robots including the content I pulled off the original website or rewritten the best I can remember.

I'm actually quite surprised at HOW MANY little creatures I've made when you put them all together. Hope I had fun...

A picture of most of the characters is shown below. Some done, some not done, some never to be done but they were all hanging out one day so why not.

Most of the gang around early 2016

The Future is Here

Warning: Some bleeped language here