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Kenneth Dale Curson
Feburary 23, 1943 - January 20, 1998

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09/11/98 - Daughter Karen's Poem 'Only in My Dreams'
02/15/98 - Added daughter Karen's poem as read at the funeral
02/10/98 - Added Gayla (Couch) Pledger Letter to Tecumseh

About This Site

Kenneth Dale Curson, or "Papa" to the family, was a wonderfully jolly
man with a knack for keeping everyone laughing and enjoying life.
Ken helped me learn to laugh at myself and have fun at nearly everything we did together.
Watch for a growing tribute to his memory here as I compile pictures,
his poety and more of his work and memories.

If you have anything to add or would like to share your stories about Kenneth Curson,
please send them to me to share with the rest of those who remember him.

-Stephen W. Nolen - Son-in-law -