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The Rebuild January 21, 2008
Last Update: 02/10/08
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1/21/2008 - Floor Pans Done!

Finally spent some 'quality' time on the car and completed the floor pans, seat belt mounts and seat pans. Like I said last week this part had been bugging me as if it were a major issue. It did take time and a toll on my back but wasn't too difficult.

Ran out of welding gas last week so things were on hold Fitting the driver's side seat pan. I moved it back about 1" to allow further rear movement of the seat.

I used B-Quite on the under side of the set pan as well as on the floor pan under the seat pan. More will follow on the rest of the interior.

I haven't sit in this location in years. Just double checking fitment to locate the driver's seat pan. I should be able to reach 5th gear without having to reach too much even all the way back.

Both seat pans in and welded up. Some final seam sealing is all that's needed at this point and some primer and paint.

I went ahead and shot some primer on the pans to wrap up the weekend.

Side shot of the wet primer. I will paint it again with some gloss gray and then put the B-Quite down.
Feels good to actually have accomplished something.

I also welded up some areas that needed fixing including some shock mount cracks. Seat belt mounts are in as well.


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