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Scale Models...

I've always been interested in scale auto models from a very young age. Unfortuately none of those models survivied to be shown here and I'm not even sure where they went. However, in the 1980's I had a renewed interest in scale building when our local auto club I was an officer in started having some group build times and comps. Here are the survivors.

1940 Ford Coupe Drag

This was an early on build mixing a funny car and a '40 Coupe kit together

1970 Mustang Boss 429

Basic build with polished plastic paint but detailed engine.

1985 Thunderbird Drag

Had a 1986 TC and loved the drag look so detailed this one out.

1987 Turbocoupe Drag

Wanted a 1987 TC but couldn't afford it so built from stock TC kit and Pro Stock kit.

1940 Ford Sedan Street Rod

Built in the late 1980s this one was quite a bit of work but never received any awards.



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