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Mini Road Chopper
For my son Austin

P0001897.JPG (829980 bytes)

Based on an old little 16" Roadmaster bike, this is my first build of any bike.
This was Austin's first bicycle and the one he learned to ride on. He now has a 16" Haro 360, 20" Torkker MTB and some other bikes and this one was left to sit. Looking for something to cut up I decided it was time for a new life for this little ride. UPDATE 07/02/2005: Now with a 16" x 3" rear tire.
Original little 16" rider destined to be cut up. P0001591.JPG (505016 bytes)
Apart and tape marked for the cuts. P0001592.JPG (545467 bytes)
In pieces and ready to reverse the top tube. P0001593.JPG (501056 bytes)
Since my welding skill pretty much suck and I didn't want Austin taking a dive on something I put together, I used pieces of an old handlebar for strengtheners inside the tubes to help insure stability... I hope. They also helped get things lined up to tack weld together. P0001594.JPG (463410 bytes)
The new top tube was pretty high tech... I cut up an old two/four wheel dolly handle that was the perfect size and had a nice little bump in it. The top connection has a strengthening tube inside, the seat tube connection was just ground flush and welded. P0001595.JPG (469032 bytes)
Thrown back together. We've added some aluminum end caps for the handle bars, a low mount reflector and have played with some different seat placements. Once everything is settle down we'll pull it apart, smooth out the welds more and paint it up.

Not too bad for an afternoon project.

P0001600.JPG (292157 bytes)
UPDATED: 07/02/2005 - Added 3" Stingray Tire
I picked up a two 16" x 3" Schwinn tires off eBay for $1.00 plus $7.50 shipping and dropped on on Austin's chopper. Makes it look a little better. P0001898.JPG (858216 bytes)
Again with the 3" tire. It's already been banged around a bit so there are scratches. I also geared it up a bit to make it a bit more rideable with the short cranks. P0001899.JPG (808808 bytes)






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