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Austin Wayne Nolen Family Pic Page


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Austin "Hang On" Video
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July 2003

Christmas and Snow Day
December 2000

Austin's First Computer
November 1999

Happy 4th Birthday!!
October 1999

Car Show and Swimming
July 1999

New Puppy!
June 1999

Playing in Rain
June 1999

Camping Time!
04/99 - 05/99

Spring 1999
01/99 - 02/99

Christmas 1998

Fall 1998 and Santa

3 Years Old!

Jeana's Visit

Cleaning Corn
Video Caps by Bob

Video Caps from Bob

Easter Egg Hunting

January 1998 Misc Pics
Just a bunch of digi pics from January

12/25/97 - Christmas @ Curson Relatives
Christmas day at Papa and Nana Curson's was full of fun. Uncle Paul was in from California and Aunt Kat had moved back to Oklahoma earlier this year.

12/24/97 - Christmas @ Nolen Relatives
Christmas Eve was spent at Mae and Gene's house with most of the Nolen/Geisler family present.

11/27/97 -Thanksgiving 1997 on the Nolen Side
Mainly 'Austin in the Leaves' pics. He spent most of the afternoon running, falling, rolling around and hiding in the big pile of leaves made available by cousin-in-law Jeff Harris. Jeff raked the leaves up and I told Austin to go jump in them. I'd never seen him do it before but he just took off running and fell into the big pile like he'd done it many times before.

Snow Day December 2000
Dcp00531_small.jpg (12935 bytes)

5th Birthday Pics Soon

Happy 4th Birthday!!
s991010-32_small.jpg (5851 bytes)

A New Puppy!!!
More Pics to Come for Sure
990609.jpg (561613 bytes)

First Marshmellow Roast
990508-12.JPG (173375 bytes)
Did it Snow??
990329-2.jpg (311580 bytes)
Santa Made It!!!
9812-16.jpg (38618 bytes)

First Time With Santa
981125a.jpg (14754 bytes)

Mmmm Ice Cream! 09/98
9809-07.jpg (25730 bytes)

Easter Bunny Time!

It's a Christmas Day Look!!!
S_xcurson02.jpg (10777 bytes)

The WildChild Himself
s_austin1.jpg (10033 bytes)
s_austin3.jpg (9733 bytes)

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