Rear Window Adventure

Ranger Rear Window

Although you cannot tell from this recent image, the old Ranger had a broken out rear window when we drug it home. Glass was all over the inside and the window had been out for some time so the insides had received some good rinse downs over time.

I figured it would be easy to find a replacement but that wasn't so true. Finally found a Ranger being parted out in another city and went to get the window only to be greeted by an older guy that had no idea what I was talking about. He had to call his "boss" which actually owned the parted out Ranger to find out what the deal was.

After that, the old guy was quite helpful in getting the old glass out without destroying the rubber weather stripping which was great as it was a bit of a challenge.

Once I had the glass in hand the install should have been easy as well but not exactly. Since the old rubber seal wasn't in perfect condition I wanted to use silicone and seal around it while I installed it. I SHOULD have gotten some help but figured I could do it myself which was yet again a mistake. I did manage to get the window installed and the silicone sealer in there BUT I didn't realize the window was slowly slipping down and barely sealing the top until it was almost too late. I taped it all up to hold it and let the silicone dry... and then it leaked. And leaked, and leaked. But I could not find the source of the leak.

Finally after trying and trying, I found a tiny pin hole in the silicone at the top next to the brake / cargo light and fixed it. I kept thinking it was the light itself but after sealing it up too much and not fixing the issue I finally found that hole and haven't had any issues since. Fun fun.. and not fun.