Figuring It Out

After that disappointment I thought what would any self respecting hack do?

Stop Leak! - of course!

Somewhere along the line I also realized the radiator was crap and leaking around the bottom so I went ahead and bought a new radiator. I picked up an overload of stop leak and began the journey. I tried the process the first round with little luck, tried again, and actually I can't remember how many passes I made with the process but it finally cleaned up and actually sealed!

I also then realized how worn out the old 2.9l was as the valve train racket was amazing. Sounds like a diesel sitting there idling. I again hit the net and found that these old 2.9L are really tough old birds and the noise isn't going to affect how it runs much so I just cleaned things up and worked on the rest of the truck.

Ranger 1