About Us

Not a lot to say here but Stephen and Austin are long term car guys with Stephen apparently giving Austin the bug at a very young age. Austin was barely a year old when he was playing with car toys and his mother and dad even used Hot Wheels as bribes to potty train him.

We've built cars individually and together before but nothing this in depth. Our first Father/Son project was taking two 1995 Nissan 240SX cars, one with a good drive train and crunched front end, and other a roller needing a drive train and assembly and making a nice little 240sx in the end. As noted above, Austin has been into rolling wheel hobbies from the early days of us hot rodding his 12v PowerWheels Jeep to 24v, building some bicycles from junk parts, and going through a few dirt bikes and go karts before moving on to cars.

Stephen has "rescued" cars before including a 1988 Turbocoupe, 1985 Mustang SVO, the 240SX car above and a 1989 Ranger 4x4. He even "rescued" his own 1969 Mustang after it was off the road for over 20 years during a very long and way too slow build back to being a drivable car.

This project will hopefully be another true Father / Son project with us both putting time and money into the build up.